Socio-Economic Questions

Speech to the National Confederation of Farm Owner-Operators, November 15th, 1946

Marriage and the Family

Allocution to Midwives, November 29th, 1951

Church and State

Democracy and Lasting Peace: Christmas Message 1944

The Internal Order of States and People: Christmas Message 1942

Guiding Principles of the Lay Apostolate: Address to the World Congress of the Lay Apostolate, October 5th, 1947

Ad Apostolorum Principis: Encyclical on Communism and the Church in China

Le Pelerinage de Lourdes: Encyclical Warning against Materialism

Summi Pontificatus: Encyclical on the Unity of Human Society


Quemadmodum: Encyclical on the Destitute Children of the World

Other Social Issues

Communium Interpretes Dolorum: Encyclical appealing for Prayers for Peace

Datis Nuperrime: Encyclical Condemning the Soviet Invasion of Hungary

In Multiplicibus Curis: Encyclical on Prayers for Peace in Palestine

Laetamur Admodum: Encyclical on Prayers for Peace in Poland, Hungary, and the Middle East

Luctuosissimi Eventus: Encyclical on Prayers for Peace and Freedom in Hungary

Optatissima Pax: Encyclical Prescribing Public Prayers for Peace

Summi Maeroris: Encyclical on Public Prayers for Peace

Miranda Prorsus: Encyclical on Motion Pictures, Television and Radio

The Moral Limits of Medical Research and Treatment: Address to the International Congress on the Histopathology of the Nervous System, September 14th, 1952

Address to the International Association of Applied Psychology, April 10th 1958

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